Grindleford community shop in the vestry of St Helen’s church was set up to provide a local shop for the community. It sells artisan bread from Welbeck bakery as well as a range of local products. Tea, coffee and locally baked cakes are also available.

OUR OPENING HOURS Mon to Fri 10am to 4pm, Sat 9am to 5pm, Sunday 12 to 4 pm

  • New Managers

    Peter is due to step back from the role of manager but will continue as a volunteer at the shop. We are very grateful for the effort that he has put in to running and improving the shop in the last two years.

    We are pleased that we are able to announce two part-time replacements. Kaori Carter has already started working alongside Peter and many of you will have met her by now. She is also the person that produces the Kimchi, which has proved a popular line at the shop. In the New Year, Kaori will be joined by Fiona Outram in a job-share of the manager’s role. We wish them every success with this.

  • Windows in the door

    The door to the shop now has two glass panels installed by our local village joiner Steve Harby. These have been of great value during cold spell when the door is shut. Customers can see that the shop is open and volunteers can also see approaching customers. A small change that has had a big impact.

  • New Fridges

    The refrigerated display cabinet in the shop has been replaced by two new fridges. The provide better refrigeration as well as allowing more products to be on display and accessible to customers.

Restrictions have been lifted but we ask customers to take care not to pass infections on to volunteers and other customers. Please use the hand sanitiser provided.

Cards Welcome
Card and phone payments are welcome for all purchases over £1.

Village News
For more information about the village and news of events and activitie see the village website:
Muddy Boots Welcome
We welcome walkers and cyclists visiting the village. Currently takeaway teas, coffees and cakes only. Groups of more than 6 please ring on 01433 631611 a few days before.

Bike Box
Grindleford Community Shop has a bike box for the use of any passing cyclists. In the event of mechanical issues out on the road, it can hopefully assist in getting you and your bike going again.
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Volunteers Wanted
We have a dedicated, loyal band of volunteers, most of who have been with us from the start, but we always need more.  We don’t mind if you can only spare a few hours a week or even a month – you will be very welcome. 
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Volunteer Good Practice
We’ve created a new page that we will keep up to date with information about safe working practices during the Covid-19 restrictions.
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