About us

When the village store and the post office both closed in the same month, some years back, villagers decided to get together to set up a community shop. Space was found in the church building in the former vestry for a small shop, which is staffed by volunteers. As well as a range of groceries and frozen food, the shop also has a daily delivery of artisan bread from Welbech bakery. Hot drinks and home made cakes are also available for visitors and villagers, who can enjoy sitting at tables in the churchyard enjoying the view and the location close to the bridge.

Where possible we source products from local suppliers and may also have local honey and home made jams and pickles when available.

The Team

Our Management Team consists of a group of volunteers from the village with a wide range of backgrounds, skills and experiences, plus our part-time manager. The Team continue to work hard to pursue the best options on behalf of our 300+ members, our village residents,  our visitors and local organisations.​

On a day to day basis the shop is run by the shop managers with support from a range of volunteers.

​The Management Team meets on a regular basis throughout the year.

Shop Committee:

  • Temporarily vacant (Chairman)
  • Cate Hammond (Secretary)
  • Michael Wren (Joint Treasurer)
  • Carolyn Downes (Joint Treasurer)
  • Alan Fairbrother
  • Penny Reynolds
  • Esther Stewart
  • Liz Baily

Shop Manager: Peter Ragdale

What our customers say: Reviews

Inside the shop