About us

The Team

Our Management Team consists of a group of volunteers from the village with a wide range of backgrounds, skills and experiences, plus our two part-time managers.​

The Team continue to work hard to pursue the best options on behalf of our 300+ members, our village residents,  our visitors and local organisations.​

Not one of us had actually run a grocery shop but, somehow, between us and our wonderful shop volunteers, we’ve managed to set up and run a successful little business!

On a day to day basis the shop is run by the shop managers with support from a range of volunteers. The Managers report to the Committee, who are responsible for deciding strategic aims and operational matters.

​The Management Team meets on a regular basis throughout the year.
Shop Committee:​

  • Temporarily vacant (Chairman)
  • Cate Hammond (Secretary)
  • Michael Wren (Joint Treasurer)
  • Carolyn Downes (Joiny Treasurer)
  • Alan Fairbrother
  • Penny Reynolds
  • Esther Stewart
  • Liz Bailey

Shop Managers: Sarah Battarbee and Sadie Howarth

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