Volunteer Good Practice

Shop Working Practices – to be reviewed

Relaxation of Covid restrictions

With the relaxation of covid restrictions, we are consulting volunteers on the practices that they would like to keep in place to reduce the ongoing risk. We will continue to ask customers to wear masks when inside the shop and maintain social distancing where possible as well as using the hand sanitiser by the door.

Taking Payment
The new till reduces the cost to us of card transactions and also simplifies the process, so encourage customers to pay by contactless card or phone payment wherever possible for transactions over £1.
Keep Sanitising
The more sanitising of everything you can do as you go along, the better.  Wash your hands or use the hand sanitiser frequently. Please ensure that all surfaces are kept clean.
Hand Washing
Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds and make sure that they are completely dry.
Bread, Cakes & Pies
Please avoid all contact with fresh food as usual and use the blue plastic gloves or tongs.